Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lego life!

Love Lego or hate Lego somebody you know had/has Lego and for those who still have Lego keep building. I remember when I was a kid, I used to steal my neighbours Lego to add to my ghetto collection of miss matched blocks. I did get caught in the end, my mum told me to return them and write a letter of apology, this was at the age of 7. Enough about my childhood, Lego has now become apart of fashion as it is apart of ones childish obsession and it's rated cool to wear a Lego rope chain, watch or 4 finger ring ha!, personally I think its cool to have a hint of Lego on your getup, it shows that your willing to be creative and open to new things. That was my personal opinion, comment this if you think I'm a down well tart or that I'm pretty cool lol. Xo beechheees.
(the word "Lego" was used 8 times. lol)


  1. Hay homie!i parents were too poor to buy me lego when i was little. i got to steal bricks and shit from the construction site on my street(in india)to play with...the real shit!
    My vesbar birthday is comming up...lego would be a good present...thnx!
    Love taby x