Thursday, June 11, 2009

J. armz "How to be an mc vol 59"

This Mixtape of pure instrumentals are sick, for all those who like the beat but not the rapper lol here it is. Includes neptunes, boy 1da, dr dre and many more. CBF finding a download link but if your the type who just want to listen with out the download here

Im back on my blog shit!

OZA!. Yes its been a minute since i been back on blog spot reasons for my absence.

1. I gots a j.o.b son, money is to be made in this recession. so after a good 9-5 i come back and I'm glocked from work, just cant summon the energy to blog or to even type (weak).

2. My Internet was fucked!. If you live in NZ then you know about the internet!, internet here is a total waste compared to the rest of the world.

3. I been recording joints with local hipsters and hustlers.

UGH! something on a different note,

1. Big shout out to a trend setter Ethan Karena (big remix). Main man since free styling at someones crib slurping on jelly vodka. Can't forget to mention his lovely g.f Dove, the only girl i know rocking yeezy's!.

2. Props no Nish, K & Nate dogg big people love no homo. ahhaa.

3. Astly Lee and Peleina Guthrie future of the world rests in your hands!.

4. Maddy aka Ya boy, Ether boy and (new) Maddy Mansion, Ghost face killa my nigs.

5. Saint Tim and Architect, My condolences to the beats your slaughter.

6. Hipster, Sheahan Huri (future topic of blog coming soon).

7. Too all the people that stayed out in the cold to wait for the yeezy's. hi 5!.

Remember not a g as in gangster but a g as in grinder. Hustle hard!