Monday, July 6, 2009

09 Dodge challenger Vapor

This Machine was built by Galpin Auto sports and U.S Airforce, Basically this car is built like a stealth jet, seriously. Its got special radar blocking black paint, stealth exhaust to run virtually silent, roof mounted camera and other stupid stuff. This is basically a toy to entice young hopefuls to a military career in America as they are touring high schools and car shows to show the dodge off. I mean when are you going to ever need so much shit in your car?, when your running away from David Hasselhoff driving drunk in the night rider I'm guessing.

Lacost going all 80's?

The preppy boys, Lacost have released these pixilated, 80's inspired tennis shoes. Named "Ibiza" after Ibiza island........ (yup) lol. Anyways I think these are nice, sort of reminds me of teh transformation MJ went through. JOKES.