Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goldie gold! and such gold it is

In times like these you gotta use your head!. How do i save money? and where should i spend it?. well my friends invest in gold!, gold is the motherfucker that humans been fighting for since....the dude that picked up a gold nugget in a river and carved a $2 sign on it. Gold would be Mila Kunis being the only woman on earth. Gold is one of those things that we can't get enough of. So being the Helpful guy I am, I posted up some shit that's gold that you might want to invest in.

(Invest in some 14k gold supra kicks, this way at least you letting people know your intelligent enough put some gold not only in your teeth but your feet!)

(Use your natural resources, be like Lilly Allen and dig for your on gold!)

(You know why slick Rick is the man!?, because he knew the recession was coming. He invested in gold way back, look at him!, with his eye patch and his charming smile!)

(A gold plated iPhone!, so when you talk at least people know the only language you talk is money!).

And there you have it!. peace, I'm going to dip my body in gold and sell myself to the highest bidder.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A book with a hole. what do you do with the hole?

Ok this post is a bit weird but whats weird?, is weird having a book with a hole through out all the pages so one could stick his man sausage through it?. If yes then your normal and if you thought no then i guess you should take a very hard look in the mirror. Penis Pokey is a book by Christopher Behrens where you ultimately insert your log and create a story using the illustrations in the book making your salami the star of it all. Haha they should have a page with Paul Holmes face with a hole on the forehead.

Lego life!

Love Lego or hate Lego somebody you know had/has Lego and for those who still have Lego keep building. I remember when I was a kid, I used to steal my neighbours Lego to add to my ghetto collection of miss matched blocks. I did get caught in the end, my mum told me to return them and write a letter of apology, this was at the age of 7. Enough about my childhood, Lego has now become apart of fashion as it is apart of ones childish obsession and it's rated cool to wear a Lego rope chain, watch or 4 finger ring ha!, personally I think its cool to have a hint of Lego on your getup, it shows that your willing to be creative and open to new things. That was my personal opinion, comment this if you think I'm a down well tart or that I'm pretty cool lol. Xo beechheees.
(the word "Lego" was used 8 times. lol)

Ah! strong shampoo

Remember the good 'ol day's when you hopped into the shower and make funny shapes with your hair?, well I do and that's why I posted this add up so you Internet fiends can share the same thoughts. (assuming that you did have a shower and/or shampoo).


Dope painting by David Hinnebusch. What do you feel when you see this?. I know that was a swanky wanky question, but art is about feeling and mistakes. Be a man and cry a Little when you see a painting of a bird that's burning, but not burning, but has a flame sorta like Phoenix, ask yourself "how does this make me feel?".

Hot - Jesse Ashlock

Jesse Ashlock so hot. Yeah yeah google image her. LOVE FOR COLLECT.

Fail - burger king - Auckland cbd

Haha such a Fail. I felt sorry for this guy but not sorry enough, so i took this pic and blog about him. boooyaah.

On the street - NYC

I agree with the Sartorialist!, this lady has mad style. Her hair, top, bag and her shorts. big props.

This made me laugh lol

This made me laugh, can you imagine living in this house?. I heavily advise to leave your gats, machetes and needles at home. xoxo beeccchhheesss.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Get to know! - Photons - indie pop

Photons is a indie pop band hailing from San Francisco. The eight member band released an EP self titled "Photons" in 2008, was a very promising debut that had indie sites buzzing. check out their song "where were you last night" isssss goooood.

Rocawear R+ Evolution high top

These are hot, I like these a bit more then the Air Yeezy.

Pete versus Tobby - Red leather bomber jacket


Yo, people in NZ keep Thursday 21st free, Qubic is throwing a party for the air yeezy launch. This will be your only opportunity in NZ to purchase legit air yeezy's as they are here in limited number. ( bet your re-thinking your weekend plans now huh?, I know I am lol).

Terry Kennedy Supra kicks

Terry Kennedy's signature range Vaider, supra.

Drake - the drought is over

you can d/l this mixtape @ It's a good mixtape compared to the rest that are being released here and there.

Blue Frog lounge, Mumbai

Blue Frog lounge in Mumbai is a 1000 square meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab. Obviously Mumbai's hottest club.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mercedes Benz 300SL!!

Mercedes is releasing this remake of the 300SL famous for its gullwing doors. The first time the 300SL hit the streets was in 1954 and was later modified by Arturo Alonso and his company Gullwing America. the 21st century version will be powered by the M - 133 -55 pushing out an impressive 370hp.

Nina Peter gloves!

Sexy gloves.

Cassius Eyewear

It's hard to stand out in the cluttered market of eye wear but NZ brand Cassius does so with designs that are clean, bold and sharp. Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and the Work Walter Gropius leads to an impressive line of eye wear.

On the street - antics, auckland city

I came across this man saving a puppy from a truck.

Artist - Banksy

Screen shot of Banksy's new art work on his site. Thomas the tank engine getting graffiti

New Nixon watch

Yet another cool Nixon watch, you can buy this on

Vanishing Elephant Autumn collection 09

Vanishing Elephant consist of two friend's Felix Chan & Huw Bennett who wanted to develop menswear that could align to luxury street wear in terms with branding concept and creative creditability. These are just a few pics of their Autumn 09 collection, go to to view the rest.

Get to know! - Bag Raiders - Electro

Bag raiders have long been seen as Australia's secret weapon in the Australia vs France electro wars. Their music has been played in clubs all over the world and has featured in the Ministry of sound clubbers guide 09.

Paramount bar, London

Paramount bar located on top of city landmark Center point, London. Designed by Tom Dixon a renowned English interior designer. Super clean modern design, i like.

Mini share - Share your Ipod music

I hate it when your friend has got song's that you really like but can't be bothered d/l. this little thing fixes that. Plug it in and transfer music between your ipod's.

1961 California spyder

Timeless design!

On the street - South Miami beach

On the street - Walking shorts, Sydney

Air yeezy's rocked by Jay Z & T.I

Verbal - Jeremy scott x Kieth Haring jacket

Verbal from Tariyaki boyz

Saturday, May 9, 2009

NICE! mad leather jacket

French labels Air paris and Justice have joined to make this hot joint!.

Karen Walker Eyewear 08/09

Karen Walker started her career with a $100.00 and now theres around 140 stockists of her label around the world.

Smirnoff's portable club!! crazy

Crazy, Smirnoff inflates these cubes into walls and steps so we can party in them Ha!

Friday, May 8, 2009

In need of a new laptop sleeve?

Lol lighten your fellow comrades with this quirky sleeve.

Emotibles! new hype ?

The teenage market will go crazy for these things, customize your boring plain white ear buds with Emotibles. Might get a pair lol.

ANDRIOD google's new mobile phone.

Google dipping thier fingers in the mobile phone pool.

Swandri (nz) Blue bush coat

Nz clothing company Swandri's classic bush coat, retail $295.00

"whats this?"

Well this is something for all those who want live young and fast!. This blog goes out to all the rejects!, face Booker's, twitters, bebo hoes, my space fiends and crack addicts. haha.