Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goldie gold! and such gold it is

In times like these you gotta use your head!. How do i save money? and where should i spend it?. well my friends invest in gold!, gold is the motherfucker that humans been fighting for since....the dude that picked up a gold nugget in a river and carved a $2 sign on it. Gold would be Mila Kunis being the only woman on earth. Gold is one of those things that we can't get enough of. So being the Helpful guy I am, I posted up some shit that's gold that you might want to invest in.

(Invest in some 14k gold supra kicks, this way at least you letting people know your intelligent enough put some gold not only in your teeth but your feet!)

(Use your natural resources, be like Lilly Allen and dig for your on gold!)

(You know why slick Rick is the man!?, because he knew the recession was coming. He invested in gold way back, look at him!, with his eye patch and his charming smile!)

(A gold plated iPhone!, so when you talk at least people know the only language you talk is money!).

And there you have it!. peace, I'm going to dip my body in gold and sell myself to the highest bidder.